Your Questions,

Your Questions, Answered.

You must be a Malaysian citizen aged between 18 and 60 with a proof of basic salary.
Your application will be processed in one to three (1-3) working days after you have submitted all the required documents.
We will inform you personally once all the verifications have been completed.
Yes, you are welcome to apply for a loan with us. We have our own guidelines for borrowers under AKPK program.

Our interest rates are capped by the Money Lenders Act 1951, which is maximum 12% per annum for secured loans; maximum 18% per annum for unsecured loans. However, the actual interest rate varies depending on the loan amount and profile of the borrower.

You can make your payment to us via the channels listed below:
1. Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)
2. Online Banking
3. Cheque

Yes, you may make the early-settlement payment at our office.

No, Avex Credit does not have any third-party agents as it is prohibited under the Money Lenders Act 1951.